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Insulating Coatings Corporation Awarded Additional 5 Year Extension on GSA Contract for Roofing Materials.

Schedule Contract # GS-07F-026AA will allow ICC to continue providing one of the highest grade fluid applied membrane roofing systems to local, state, and federal government agencies through a streamlined and expedited procurement process.

BINGHAMTON, NY (August 10, 2017) – ICC, a world leader in seamless roofing and exterior coating technology, today announced it received a five (5) year extension on the contract originally awarded in 2012.

ICC’s new five-year GSA contract (GS-07F-026AA) provides local, government agencies with expedited access to the Astec Re-Ply products and services, including installation, related to and ordered in conjunction with products for restoration of an existing roof. Astec can be used to encapsulate and prevent corrosion, while restoring the waterproofing properties of existing infrastructure over metal, concrete, asphalt, and single-ply roofs which have started to fail.

ICC has been providing roofing solutions to the government for over 30 years and with this extension will continue to work directly with federal agencies and departments to reduce capital expenditures and energy costs while extending the facility life cycle values of government property. For example ICC was able to help US Army facilities in the Middle East reduce energy consumption by 26%.

GSA owns and leases over 376.9 million square feet of space in 9,600 buildings in more than 2,200 communities nationwide. The Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems qualify for LEED credits, and GSA has earned a LEED rating for a number of their buildings.

Government budgets are being reduced, but goals and requirements are being increased. Astec can qualify for either MRO or New Construction and can help utilize a facility’s budget to its fullest capabilities. Extending facility life cycle, creating sustainable and predictable maintenance schedules for fixed assets, and helping ensure mission readiness have been the goals of ICC government contract program. 

Here is what others have said about Astec:

“We can extend the life of existing roofing for a fraction of the cost of conventional roof replacement.” - Benjamin S., Col, EN Director, Dept. of the Army

“The two biggest benefits to us are the prevention of water intrusion and the reflection of the sun so we can reduce our energy costs." - Jack F., Vice Admiral (Retired), Naval Aviation Museum  (The Naval Air Museum saved more than $300,000 over roof replacement.)

“After the application, the average peak temperature in the warehouse dropped to 86° F, a decrease of 17°. The temperature of the skin dropped from 115° to 95°, a decrease of 20 degrees.” – James A., Capt. USAF Chief, Readiness and Support Directorate of Civil Engineering

“Our shelters are subjected to extremes of weather and environmental conditions: severe ultraviolet radiation in the summer due to the high elevations, and complete burial by snow in the wintertime. The fact that your product stands up to these conditions is testimony to its quality. Thank you for providing us with a superior product.” - Peter L., Hydrologist, United States Department of Agriculture

 The Astec Re-Ply Systems:

  • Are renewable and sustainable.
  • Are an Energy Star Partner.
  • Rank in the highest 2% - 4% of registered products, across all three of these standards: Reflectivity, Emissivity, and Solar Reflective Index.
  • Miami-Dade approved after 5 yr ponding water test.
  • Qualify for LEED Credits.
  • Meet ASHRAE 90.1 and 189.1-2009.
  • Are ISO 9001-2015 Manufactured.

Astec has over 30 years’ experience and hundreds of millions of sq. ft. of field tested roofing projects around the world.


ICC develops and manufactures fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, and other industrial surfaces. ASTEC elastomeric products and systems not only provide seamless water-proof and weather-tight barriers; they offer high reflectivity, emissivity, and dissipation of heat, while reducing UV light degradation.

ASTEC coatings and membranes can lead to substantial maintenance and energy cost reductions when installed on qualifying substrates. ASTEC systems qualify for Energy Star and Cool Roof programs. In addition, many ASTEC monolithic ceramic wall and roofing systems test well beyond typical standards for durability, pliability, longevity, wind resistance, abrasion resistance, and salt, chemical, and corrosives resistance, while reducing thermal shock damage and the high cost of temperature control. 

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