ASTEC® Re-Ply™ Roofing System
for Asphalt Roofs

Why Pay

Layers Asphalt

  1. Prepare Surface
    Pressure wash the old surface to eliminate loose material. Repair substrate, blisters, and cracks as needed.
  2. Seal Seams
    Reinforce all roof, vent, duct, and flashing seams and laps with high tensile strength polyester cloth. Saturate with the appropriate ASTEC Base Sealer.
  3. Prime and Seal Surface
    Apply one or more layers of the appropriate ASTEC Base Sealer. This bonding sealer applies as a fluid, filling all cracks, and curing as a seamless, pliable, membrane over the entire roof.
  4. Apply First Layer
    Apply the first layer of ASTEC #2000 Re-Ply Finish. It will bond with the ASTEC Base Sealer for a tough, weatherproof membrane.
  5. Apply Final Layer
    Apply the second application of ASTEC #2000 Re-Ply finish to the roof. This results in a seamless, highly reflective “cool roof” that remains durable, weathertight, and pliable. Impervious to many airborne corrosives, ASTEC roofs have proven performance over 100’s of millions of square feet.

This is a typical system for asphalt roofs. Products and procedures may vary by roof type and condition. Only ASTEC detailed specifications will be approved on any ASTEC roofing project.

ASTEC Re-Ply Products for Asphalt Substrate Systems
Hover over any product label for a product description.

Warranty Asphalt

ASTEC® 10 & 15-Year
RENEWABLE™ Warranties ensure a sustainable,weatherproof cool roof. At Warranty term, ASTEC RePly roofs can be restored to spec and the warranty renewed at a marginal expense. 



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