ASTEC® Re-Ply™ Roofing System
for Other Substrates

Don't see your roof style here?

We have many more fluid-applied coatings and systems. Our Authorized Contractors have converted a broad variety of failing substrates to ASTEC® Re-Ply™ roofing with RENEWABLE™ Warranties, including:

  • All metal & pre-painted metal roofs
  • TPO, PVC, EPDM & Hypalon single-ply roofs
  • seamed roofing
  • BUR, cap sheet, and other bitumenous/asphalt roofs
  • concrete
  • SPUF foam, Transite, and cementitious roof panels
  • flat, sloped, domed, and free-form roofs

Before you overpay to dispose and replace it, use our Free Roof Survey to get a professional assessment of your particular roof. There may be an ASTEC® Re-Ply™ System to save your roof, save your budget, and help save the planet in the bargain.

Warranty Other

ASTEC® 10 & 15-Year
RENEWABLE™ Warranties ensure a sustainable, waterproof and weathertight cool roof. At Warranty term, ASTEC Re-Ply roofs can be restored to spec and the warranty renewed at a marginal expense. 


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